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I can’t think of anyone else I know who loves Batman more than my father. As a child I never read any comic books, but I knew the stories like the back of my hand, got to watch the movies as soon as we had enough money to buy a VCR. My bedtime stories weren’t fairy tales or something out of children’s books; Batman’s war on crime and continual struggle for justice was what I heard before going to sleep. I wanted to grow up to be Catwoman. I still do.

My dad loves Batman and passed that love on to me, so when I saw that the AMC near me was running not only midnight showings of The Dark Knight Rises, but were screening all three of the Nolanverse movies in succession, I made sure that I got tickets.

Spoilers ahead. I’m trying to be as vague as I can with some of these, but seriously: spoilers. )
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On the personal blog of a girl I follow, but rarely look at, she's doing a “People I’ve Been With” meme-type-thing: trying to list as much detail from the person and/or the experience as she can. Seeing as how I’ve yet to “be with” someone, this version of the exercise has evolved into something more along the lines of “people I’ve kissed.”

They probably don’t completely count, but McBuff and McDanger are still included in this because of…reasons. Names haven’t been changed to protect the innocent, because we aren’t, are we?

Nine. I hate odd numbers. )

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SMASH is an exceedingly mediocre series on NBC right now about the creation and production of a Broadway musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe. We watch the show from the point of view of several different characters involved in this production, including Julia and Tom, who write the book and music, Eileen, who is trying to produce the show against insurmountable odds, Derek, the abrasive and demanding director and choreographer, and Ivy and Karen, both of whom are competing for the lead role.

It isn’t a good show…but it’s not bad, either. Think Hart of Dixie, but with more singing. Or Glee, if Glee had anything remotely resembling realism in its production values.

in which i waste too many words on a show i don't know how to feel about yet )

You can find all the episodes at hulu.com (linked above), or here at the show's website. I'm sure there are free downloads out there, too, but I wouldn't know about that. You'll have to do a little digging on your own if you want to find them.

And as per usual, my watching this trashy musical soap opera is entirely Harper’s fault…and also because The River, while awesome, has ended for the season and I was bored. But mostly, Harper’s fault.

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The Film Version:

+ While it is, in fact, a classic, this is not a movie that is meant for children. This will not stop my father from showing it to them at the earliest age possible.

+ Barring my actually inventing some form of time-travel, this is the closest I’ll get to understanding the kind of immigrant experience my father’s grandparents had when they first came to America. (Trufax, my friends. Mafia connections and all.)

+ Everyone has secrets. It’s just the way things work.

+ Leave the gun, but always take the cannoli.

+ Fear may be a powerful thing, but friendship is remembered. Friendship is rewarded.

+ Always be careful when approaching toll booths.

+ Food and prayer can’t fix everything, but they definitely help.

+ Oranges are a sign of impending death and doom.

+ Something goes wrong, you come home. That’s what family’s for.

+ No man has the right to put his hands on you. Ever.

+ Keep your friends close, but your family closer.

The Actual Novel:

+ Mama Corleone does not have a name.

+ In times of great trouble, the men will take care of everything. The women should stay in the kitchen and wait for news.

+ Sonny Corleone’s heart is as big as his dick - which, by the way, is pretty big.

+ Lucy Mancini has a cavernous vagina.

+ If your husband hits you, it’s your fault. You did something that made him want to hurt you.

+ Virgins are the best in bed. Period.

+ Even if you have lived will someone since the age of twelve and practically been adopted by their family in all but name, you will never understand what it means to actually be a part of that family.

+ Lucy Mancini’s cavernous vagina is so important that in the middle of a country-wide mafia war – not to mention when people are launching an assassination attempt on Michael while he’s hiding out in Sicily – it has a total of two and a half chapters dedicated to it. (No, really. This happens.)


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